Your partner as legal real estate agency, for all your investments and vacations in southern Transdanubia, the sunny thermal and holiday region of Hungary
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Our construction-services for you

1. Planning and offers

We plan together with you or on your order your very personal project; it doesn't matter whether you need a new window only or the construction of a complete house. we regularly advise to use the services of a Hungarian architect. You receive a set with the English documentation with all blueprints, technical description and all necessary calculations. After you accorded the planning we apply for offers by different enterprises and give the best matching one your order for construction. If it is a project you need permission for we apply for you that permission in the in this case necessary Hungarian version with all needed documentation.

2. Construction-inspections

During the constructing time we visit the construction plot on irregularly times and of course without pre-announcement. At those times discovered problems can be solved immediately. In case of differences between you and the enterprise we can mediate as a neutral expert. During your absence we make a photo documentation that we send to you by e-mail or common mail. You have a competent partner in Hungary you are able to communicate in English with.

3. Construction end-check

After finishing the constructions we check the quality and the contractual correct ending of the project.  All eventually discovered errors will be noted in a protocol and the enterprise will be resumed to solve the mistakes. Also here we will be able to take over the role of de mediator.

4. General

In Hungary it is usual to pay the enterprises the costs of the material in advance, while the wages will be paid at the end of a fortnight, but not later than at the end of the project.

For the techniques standards please see our description of technical standards. Those are made for new constructed houses, but they are comparable for the projects at existing buildings. The technical definition of a renewal you find here: standards of renewal. Those standards fit principally to the West-European norms. Of course here are your desires important, not ours!

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Magyar Kúria Building Services Limited with office in Várong, nearby the thermal bath of Igal in Hungary, looks at herself not as real estate agent only, but mostly as service enterprise around the subject real estate, it doesn't matter whether used or for construction of your house or vacation-home, on your own or a by us purchased property, as a vacation-house, or for living there. On behalf a house in the tourist centres, as for example Siófok at Lake Balaton we can offer you your own farmhouse in a for village tourism interesting settlements, or just a townhouse in Kaposvár, Pécs or other towns. We will help you with your cure or vacation and also if you plan to invest between Balaton and Drava, we work for you in the komitats Somogy, Tolna and Baranya. For all questions you can contact our customers service.