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Swimming Pools in Hungary

The pool technology, we rely on, is a high-quality Austrian product that we import ourselves. Below are some explanations of the various technical components and some possible extras. The basic equipment is very complete and we are certainly not afraid of comparison.

Further all mentioned swimming pools need according to Hungarian law a construction permit, a fairly complex procedure. We take it over from you completely and all fees, taxes, etc. are included in the price. You need only your sign the application for the construction permit.

The standard components
The basin has a hot-dip galvanised steel wall and is additionally covered with polyester at the outside; the inside of the steel wall is covered with a protective coating. The structure is in stable profile rails from rigid PVC. NEW: the special - handrail allows easy replacement of the inner foil, while the handrail needn't to be removed - especially important when it is surrounded by edge stones or natural stone slabs! The robust inner hull is made of 0.60 mm-thick, tensile strength, UV-stabilised, homogeneous PVC film in blue colour.
What is the benefit of the best swimming pool, if you are not able getting into it or out of it. Therefore our offer also includes suitable pool stairs made of stainless steel. The sort of the staircase is depending on the position and the depth of the basin. The width of the staircase allows a convenient entry and exit.
Sand filter system, complete with filter containers. With a 6-way valve, including emptying and boiler gauge. With powerful, self-providing pump with a large pre-filter, completed by cable and connector. Delivery is complete with filter range. With this filter system changing of the filter is easily possible because the upper half of the filter tank can be taken away quickly and easily. The filter system is the heart of the water treatment for each pool. A good filter is critical to the smooth functioning of the pool. The full cleaning of substances from the water, the more efficient the water protection products are and also lower their application volume. Only a filter with self-providing pump can be located regardless of the altitude location of the pool.
Integrated skimmer of plastic complete with skimmer basket, connection for soil suction, foils flange, seals and stainless steel screws. Will be completed by the skimmer inlet nozzle made of plastic. Installation of plastic parts are characterised by high corrosion resistance against all water maintenance products used in swimming pools.
The pool cleaning kitconsists of:
  • Soil suction brush with bottom and side bristles
  • Telescopic rod aluminum, sliding 
  • 1swimming pipe NW 38 in blue
Range: access to existing filter system (on the skimmer, one of our standard components). Suitable for all forms of pelvic up to about 8 m / 26 ft length. 
Maintaining setfor clean and crystal clear pool water. The water cleaning set consists of:
  • Algaecide (algae prevention), foamless and highly concentrated liquid product
  • Chlorfix - 20 g tablets, fast soluble, chalkfree stabilised chlorine tablets
  • pH - minus, granules for lowering of the pH value
  • pool cleaner, alkaline gentle pool cleaner material, dissolves fat, soot and other organic contaminants
  • 1 Pool tester pH / chlorine, pool testing device for the measurement of the pH value and chlorine tablets, including measurement tablets.
Especially tear-resistant cover for safe wintering, clothstrengthened polyethylene foils, with grommets and clamping cord. Top green, black underside. Ease of use by minimal weight. This cover can also used at any time during the summer months.
Possible Extras (available at extra costs)
Solar energy is free and effective. Assuming that you have a solar system with highly efficient collectors. Using solar energy you can easily heat a swimming pool to comfortable bathing temperatures - and this before and after the usual bathing season! This environment-friendly energy production with a low-maintenance allows you after purchase a nearly free far longer bathing pleasure.
Finally here it is: the new pool heat pump. The efficient and intelligent heat pump technology lowers the cost of heating the pool to a minimum. The pool heat pump is suitable for warming the water in a swimming pool. Enjoy even with cooler temperatures a pleasant swim in the open air. Your new swimming pool heat pump gives you this pleasure! - With a power consumption of only a little more than 4 kilowatts, the heat pump delivers about 21 kilowatts to the bathing water. In other words, the efficiency of the heat pump is up to six times higher than a conventional heating. It is energy saving of 75% or more. The energy required to heat your pool is in the ambient air won.
The rights to the images of the pools are property of our supplier
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