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building a round pool
Swimming Pools in Hungary

Small circular basins are the most authentic form of simple set-up baths. Also in small gardens can mostly be found calm place. These baths are often freely set up on the ground.

But in Hungary small plots are a rarity and limiting basins to a diameter of 3 meters or even less from lack of space is not necessary. Large versions of the round pool must partially embedded in the ground; complete underground installation is of course possible in every case.

Prices examples for errecting of a pool in the counties Baranya, Somogy and Tolna. These prices are for information purposes only and not part of any contract, because all of our pools are made according to your wishes only!
Circle bath approx.  Ø 3,5 m, 1,2 m deep, fully under ground  5.849 € 
Circle bath  approx. Ø 6,0 m, 1,5 m deep, fully under ground  11.360 € 
do you prefer calculations in Pound Sterling and imperial measurements ?
the bath includes the following elements
  • Groundwork
  • Construction of a steel-concrete slab 
  • Building an underground technique room
  • Covering of the plate with an protection fleece
  • Erection of the steel wall on ground rails 
  • Mounting the swimming pool liner
  • Backfilling the steel wall curves with lean concrete 
  • Approx. 20 cm (8") concrete strip around the bassin (if desired also for integration into a terrace)
  • Sand filter system according to the pool volume
  • Filtersand
  • Integrated skimmer
  • Inlet nozzle(s)
  • Pool ladder of stainless steel for in-ground bassins
  • Electrical connection with timer for the pump (connection to the existing electrical system in max. 10 m distance is included in the price , the house must also have a RCD, but we also can install it for you)
  • Connection to water pipe or wellpump ( connection to existing min. 25mm water pipe or directly to the wellpump in max. 10 m distance is included in the price , the location should be accessible by normal excavation work )
  • Connection to existing sewer (connection to existing min. 32 mm sewage pipe to a public sewer or septic tank in max. 10 m distance is included in the price , the location should be accessible by normal excavation work , a gradient is not required)
  • Electronic pooltester
  • Cleaning set with brush and telescopic rod
  • Starter set with all for swimming needed chemicals and water cleaning products (chlorine or salt, pH-minus, pH-plus, algicide, flocculant, poolside cleaner, metal-stop)
  • winterised cover

The swimming pool is handed over fully constructed, filled and adjusted.

You will get
  • 2 years manufacturer's warranty on the technology
  • 6 years manufacturer's warranty on the pool liner
  • 10 years manufacturer's warranty on the steel wall

In addition the following extras are possible:
  • Lighting
  • Heat insulation of the wall
  • Heating of a solar system
  • Heating via a heat pump
  • Heating via a gas boiler
  • Drilling a well for filling the basin (ATTENTION: groundwater quality must be tested before use!)
  • Counterflow instalation
  • Curbs made of artificial stone or granite
  • Terrace
  • Sealing of the construction against ground water pressure in the case of a high groundwater level
  • Retaining walls for mounting in a hilly situation
  • Sliding roof

Naturally, we are pleased to fulfill all other requirements, the extras listed here represent only a selection of options.
For the technical details of the facilities please read the specifications.
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